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1 661932 G Knowles/Gentry 0m00s *0m01s 0m00s 0m01s *0m01s 0m03s0.810 0m02.43s
2 81934 E Myerscough/Chatraw 0m00s *0m01s 0m00s 0m01s *0m01s 0m03s0.820 0m02.46s
3 919321938S J & K Menneto 0m00s *0m01s 0m00s *0m01s *0m01s 0m03s0.840 0m02.52s
4 871928 S Lauber/Smith *0m01s *0m02s 0m00s *0m01s *0m01s 0m05s0.780 0m03.90s
5 11916 G H & D Sharp 0m00s *0m02s 0m01s 0m00s *0m03s 0m06s0.660 0m03.96s
6 191932 E Hull/T Stahl 0m00s *0m01s *0m01s *0m03s *0m04s 0m09s0.810 0m07.29s
7 381932 E G & J Martin *0m01s *0m01s 0m01s 0m05s 0m01s 0m09s0.810 0m07.29s
8 821939 S J & K Hermanson 0m00s *0m01s *0m05s 0m01s *0m02s 0m09s0.845 0m07.61s
9 319311932E Weaver/Caudle *0m03s *0m01s 0m00s *0m05s 0m01s 0m10s0.810 0m08.10s
10 2119411964S Frankenberger/Read *0m01s *0m01s 0m00s 0m03s *0m04s 0m09s0.970 0m08.73s
11 2019641967E S & J Hedke 0m00s *0m01s *0m02s *0m02s *0m04s 0m09s0.985 0m08.87s
12 731929 S R & A Greene 0m00s *0m02s 0m06s *0m01s *0m03s 0m12s0.790 0m09.48s
13 611961 S Marak/Bernbaum 0m00s *0m02s 0m02s 0m00s 0m06s 0m10s0.955 0m09.55s
14 701936 S B & C Croker 0m08s 0m00s 0m01s *0m01s 0m03s 0m13s0.830 0m10.79s
15 401963 SR M & D Horne *0m02s *0m02s *0m02s *0m02s 0m04s 0m12s0.965 0m11.58s
16 71966 E E & B Kaplan 0m00s *0m01s *0m05s 0m01s *0m05s 0m12s0.980 0m11.76s
17 591939 E Kucera/Shelly 0m01s *0m01s 0m03s 0m05s 0m04s 0m14s0.845 0m11.83s
18 881968 S C Lauber/Gregg 0m00s *0m02s *0m06s 0m04s 0m00s 0m12s0.990 0m11.88s
19 171941 S B & N Stahl 0m02s *0m01s 0m04s 0m04s *0m04s 0m15s0.855 0m12.83s
201101972 S Sickler/Cioffi 0m10s *0m01s 0m00s 0m02s 0m00s 0m13s1.000 0m13.00s
21 911933 G J & E Fredette 0m02s *0m01s 0m02s 0m09s 0m02s 0m16s0.815 0m13.04s
221501953 X MURFREESBORO (TN) 0m00s *0m02s 0m03s 0m06s *0m04s 0m15s0.915 0m13.73s
231351963 S Horne/Roemer 0m02s *0m01s *0m02s *0m07s *0m03s 0m15s0.965 0m14.48s
24 41932 G Reeder/Stone 0m01s *0m01s *0m02s *0m01s *0m14s 0m19s0.810 0m15.39s
25 9819471954S T & J Wagner 0m01s *0m03s *0m01s 0m01s *0m11s 0m17s0.920 0m15.64s
26 421917 S Smith/Lirones 0m07s *0m03s *0m05s *0m04s *0m05s 0m24s0.670 0m16.08s
27 2419371957S Rubright/Jenkins 0m00s *0m01s *0m13s 0m00s *0m05s 0m19s0.935 0m17.77s
281011973 SR C & B Koep *0m04s *0m02s 0m01s 0m10s 0m01s 0m18s1.000 0m18.00s
29 111968 SR Kieley/Roberts *0m02s *0m01s 0m02s *0m08s *0m08s 0m21s0.990 0m20.79s
30 5119341938E D & B Epple 0m01s *0m01s 0m00s 0m05s *0m18s 0m25s0.840 0m21.00s
31 341964 S LaMountain/Sacramone 0m01s *0m02s 0m02s *0m14s 0m03s 0m22s0.970 0m21.34s
32 21932 G Graf/Dinges 0m00s *0m02s *0m07s 0m00s 0m18s 0m27s0.810 0m21.87s
33 531972 S J & M Cramer 0m08s *0m01s 0m00s *0m12s *0m01s 0m22s1.000 0m22.00s
341051959 S Riggs/Boutin 0m02s *0m02s 0m01s 0m07s *0m12s 0m24s0.945 0m22.68s
35 101965 S J & L Goode 0m01s 0m10s 0m07s *0m03s *0m04s 0m25s0.975 0m24.38s
36 281928 E Habetz/K Fredette *0m01s *0m02s *0m04s *0m23s *0m05s 0m35s0.780 0m27.30s
37 921962 S J & B Mangan *0m04s *0m02s *0m04s *0m04s *0m16s 0m30s0.960 0m28.80s
38 641956 S D & J Elliott 0m03s 0m10s 0m08s 0m04s 0m06s 0m31s0.930 0m28.83s
391301962 SR Walsh/Nesselrodte 0m00s *0m01s *0m03s 0m23s *0m06s 0m33s0.960 0m31.68s
40 8019461964S Herrmann/Carroccio 0m09s 0m00s 0m09s *0m14s *0m01s 0m33s0.970 0m32.01s
411471930 X ST LOUIS (MO) 0m08s *0m01s 0m04s *0m20s *0m08s 0m41s0.800 0m32.80s
42 231969 E Blood/Keller 0m01s *0m01s 0m01s *0m28s 0m02s 0m33s0.995 0m32.84s
431491928 X GALAX (VA) 0m07s 0m02s 0m19s 0m04s 0m11s 0m43s0.780 0m33.54s
44 901967 S M & T Stahl 0m02s *0m01s 0m03s 0m29s *0m01s 0m36s0.985 0m35.46s
45 331948 SR L & L Bettencourt 0m07s *0m02s *0m27s *0m02s 0m02s 0m40s0.890 0m35.60s
461331967 SR R & T Hendrix 0m00s *0m02s *0m05s 0m13s *0m19s 0m39s0.985 0m38.42s
47 861965 S J & J Lucke 0m18s *0m01s 0m04s *0m03s *0m14s 0m40s0.975 0m39.00s
48 4719571970S C & M Webster *0m01s 0m00s *0m10s *0m19s *0m09s 0m39s1.000 0m39.00s
49 131967 S D & P Dort 0m02s *0m01s 0m11s 0m05s *0m22s 0m41s0.985 0m40.39s
50 181916 S Phillips/D Stahl 0m19s 0m02s 0m19s 0m19s 0m03s 1m02s0.660 0m40.92s
511241965 S S & H Lednick 0m05s 0m01s 0m13s *0m22s *0m02s 0m43s0.975 0m41.93s
521391971 SR R & B Lederer 0m06s *0m01s 0m12s 0m16s 0m07s 0m42s1.000 0m42.00s
531341963 SR B & E Sandefer *0m13s *0m04s *0m06s *0m20s 0m02s 0m45s0.965 0m43.43s
541131941 SR Brown/Valadez 0m12s 0m12s 0m20s 0m07s 0m02s 0m53s0.855 0m45.32s
55 741965 E Staples/Secrest *0m05s *0m01s 0m00s 0m10s *0m32s 0m48s0.975 0m46.80s
5610719522020SR Celia/Spina 0m03s *0m02s 0m32s 0m06s 0m04s 0m47s1.000 0m47.00s
571031946 SR Stauffer/Floyd 0m05s 0m02s 0m06s *0m34s 0m07s 0m54s0.880 0m47.52s
58 321967 S Ambrose/Murphy 0m12s 0m02s 0m33s 0m00s *0m02s 0m49s0.985 0m48.27s
59 971962 S E Stahl/Smith 0m06s 0m00s 0m07s *0m30s *0m15s 0m58s0.960 0m55.68s
60 351931 S B & L Beers *0m40s *0m01s 0m00s *0m03s *0m27s 1m11s0.805 0m57.16s
611431950 S Ellery/Manchester 0m02s *0m02s 0m02s *1m03s *0m06s 1m15s0.900 1m07.50s
62 451958 SR Doss/Rumpel *0m05s *0m05s *0m37s *0m26s 0m04s 1m17s0.940 1m12.38s
63 771963 SR C & M Carter 0m00s *0m01s 0m02s 1m09s *0m03s 1m15s0.965 1m12.38s
641411969 SR J & A Schretzmayer *0m05s *0m02s 0m01s *0m25s *0m40s 1m13s0.995 1m12.64s
651371966 S Seltenheim/Dobish 0m04s *0m01s *0m11s 0m09s *0m50s 1m15s0.980 1m13.50s
661361969 SR Thompson/McDougall 0m06s *0m08s *0m01s *0m26s *0m38s 1m19s0.995 1m18.61s
67 251961 SR Dahlenburg/Barnett 0m11s *0m10s 0m20s *0m15s *0m28s 1m24s0.955 1m20.22s
681181955 SR T & K Clarke 0m05s *0m04s *0m07s 0m35s *0m36s 1m27s0.925 1m20.48s
69 51964 S Holder/Smith 0m26s 0m08s 0m30s 0m13s *0m12s 1m29s0.970 1m26.33s
70 491961 SR K & S Bugg 0m10s 0m15s 0m21s 0m36s *0m16s 1m38s0.955 1m33.59s
7111719661982SR K & J Eisleben 0m00s 0m02s 0m24s *1m02s *0m11s 1m39s1.000 1m39.00s
72 941965 S T & M Mangan 0m03s *0m01s 0m04s 0m40s *0m55s 1m43s0.975 1m40.43s
731291963 SR Hopen/Godown 0m31s *0m22s 0m33s *0m17s *0m06s 1m49s0.965 1m45.19s
74 621966 S Davis/Reneau 0m07s 0m15s 0m21s 0m48s *0m27s 1m58s0.980 1m55.64s
75 751971 S Mull/Hedrick 0m07s *0m05s 0m02s *0m51s 0m52s 1m57s1.000 1m57.00s
76 121936 SR N & D Finck 0m10s 0m01s 0m06s 2m00s 0m06s 2m23s0.830 1m58.69s
77 521974 S Rucker/Walker 0m24s 0m00s *0m01s *1m33s *0m01s 1m59s1.000 1m59.00s
781281955 S Gottfried/DeLange 0m16s 0m14s *0m46s *0m47s *0m13s 2m16s0.925 2m05.80s
791191968 SR M & L Lee 0m06s 0m00s 0m06s 2m00s *0m04s 2m16s0.990 2m14.64s
801271968 SR J & D Houck 0m24s *0m01s *0m01s 1m45s *0m08s 2m19s0.990 2m17.61s
811151968 SR D & B Hosack 0m54s 0m01s 0m28s 0m45s *0m14s 2m22s0.990 2m20.58s
82 791952 S N & S Socquet 1m27s *0m11s 0m04s 0m26s *0m28s 2m36s0.910 2m21.96s
831081971 SR J & G Bartolini *0m26s 0m36s 0m34s *0m28s *0m21s 2m25s1.000 2m25.00s
841251938 SR Dickinson/Jenkins 2m00s *0m09s 0m16s *0m33s *0m11s 3m09s0.840 2m38.76s
85 161948 SR Laslo/Fielder *0m10s *0m04s 0m33s 2m00s 0m45s 3m32s0.890 3m08.68s
86 851970 SR T & D Roberts 0m47s 0m18s 2m00s 0m49s *0m01s 3m55s1.000 3m55.00s
87 651932 E O & G Gentry *5m00s *0m01s *0m02s 0m01s *0m01s 5m05s0.810 4m07.05s
88 61969 SR B & J Carroll *0m43s 0m00s 0m33s 2m00s *1m06s 4m22s0.995 4m20.69s
891111964 SR Mahaffey/Hillstrom *0m12s 0m03s 1m25s *1m11s 2m00s 4m51s0.970 4m42.27s
90 671964 SR M & T Hydrick *2m14s 0m02s *0m19s 1m57s 0m25s 4m57s0.970 4m48.09s
91 1519501967SR Foeste/McClellan 2m00s *0m05s 0m06s *3m01s 0m04s 5m16s0.985 5m11.26s
92 291940 S D & E Foster 0m46s 0m20s 2m00s 2m00s 1m20s 6m26s0.850 5m28.10s
9310919551982S Stefani/Van Court 0m23s *0m11s *0m01s 3m00s *5m00s 8m35s1.000 8m35.00s
94 2219571982S R & E Shacket 3m00s 3m00s 3m00s 3m00s DNF DNF 1.000 DNF
95 301918 S Reinan/Brungardt 3m00s 3m00s 3m00s 3m00s DNF DNF 0.680 DNF
96 371953 SR Aikin/Spencer 1m51s *0m18s 0m01s 3m00s DNF DNF 0.915 DNF
97 461974 S O'Connell/Hebert 3m00s 3m00s 3m00s 3m00s DNF DNF 1.000 DNF
98 561917 S Hicks/Socquet 3m00s *0m02s 3m00s 3m00s DNF DNF 0.670 DNF
99 631940 SR D & E Brogdon *0m02s 0m01s 0m03s *0m15s *0m12s DNF DNF 0.850 DNF
100 831972 S M & T Young 3m00s 3m00s 3m00s 3m00s DNF DNF 1.000 DNF
101 891937 S R & N Schneider 3m00s 3m00s 3m00s 3m00s DNF DNF 0.835 DNF
102 9619481949S D & P Martin *0m34s 0m00s 0m08s 0m02s 0m00s DNF DNF 0.895 DNF
1031001966 SR D & E Peterson 0m14s *0m01s *0m07s *0m17s 0m07s DNF DNF 0.980 DNF
1041141931 SR Lowe/Kimrey 3m00s 3m00s 3m00s 3m00s DNF DNF 0.805 DNF
1051261964 SR Harper/Tice 0m02s *0m01s 0m07s 3m00s DNF DNF 0.970 DNF
1061321951 SR Khalsa/TBD 3m00s 3m00s 3m00s 3m00s DNF DNF 0.905 DNF

"*" indicates an early arrival at a checkpoint.
"#" indicates leg discarded from summary score
TOTAL is the sum of the scores for each leg and penalties.
FACTOR is used to adjust the total score and is based on the model year of the vehicle.
SCORE is the score for the day after adjusting the total by the age factor.
2:00 as a leg score indicates the car was at least 2 minutes late at a checkpoint.
3:00 as a leg score indicates the car missed a checkpoint.
* 5:00 as a leg score indicates the car was at least 5 minutes early at a checkpoint.
DNF indicates Did Not Finish